It’s been a busy month in all respects. The building work is going well, albeit in fits and starts. I don’t have any knowledge of how long this type of build should take but I’ve got walls and the shape of a roof and building control is happy.

I’ve been out and about most weekends: comedy in Maidstone, cocktails in London and a wedding anniversary in Brighton which means this is the first weekend I spent living in the building site. It’s as much fun as I thought it would be but I’m focusing on the end goal.

The blockwork rose out of the ground in 3 day activity spurt, followed by most of the block and beam floor going down, then a lull while waiting for the beams and other materials.

This week has been about taking down walls, including the back of the house and blocking up others. The V thingy drain has been connected and Thames Water are happy and if they’re happy so is building control – so joy all round.

The dining nook was blocked up last Friday and the door and window removed in preparation for the beam which was delayed so the roof joists went up instead. Essential (for me) tea and coffee making facilities were also relocated.

Billy retreated to his bed. Once the builders left for the day, I got busy with gaffer tape to block up the kitchen door – it felt like an improvement.

I got ready for demolition by moving furniture into storage (half price for 8 weeks at LoknStore) and covering everything else – there has been a bit of okey kokey going on with chairs and side tables.

Yesterday the kitchen was ripped out so the ‘baby’ beam could go in and this is the result.

Still some way to go but I can see how much bigger the space is. I still have the sink and cold water. The plumber was due to be here today to refix the old boiler to keep in hot water/heat until the new boiler arrives. He wasted a lot of time yesterday trying to buy the right boiler so he could do the job right first time – I agree, makes a lot of sense but that doesn’t work with their just in time approach to discussing requirements and ordering supplies. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and ordered the window, door and skylight, which all have 10-15 day lead times.

Do you see the two long rectangles of black Provek on the floor? That’s me working out the length and position of the island (right) in relation to the table (left) and making sure there was enough space between the two. The island is intended as a prep area so I’m not planning on a row of stools

Removing the kitchen cupboards has revealed previous colour choices – there seem to be only three remarkable given the house is 80+ years old. The green is the first, then the aqua and most recent the grey. I’m staying in that colour palette with a pale green.

Hopefully the plumber will rock up tomorrow along with the rest of the gang so I can report back on progress next week.

Keep your fingers crossed for continue mild weather.