I moved the compost bins for the third time today!  I know, I can’t quite believe it either but I need a sunny spot for the blueberries so the compost had to move.

These bins have been running since March 2016, used initially to store the compost I had sieved out of the ‘mound’  How is it that most derelict plots have a mound or two?


Another bay was filled mostly with the grass, straw and green annual weeds and it was this I turned out yesterday.  Once sieved it made a fabulous mulch for the raspberries, roses and pear trees.  It covered 5 4×10 beds to a depth of 1 or 2 inches.  Not at all bad.

I bought the sieve tray from an Ebay seller, it works really well at containing the compost as I moved it back and forth; the graded grains fall into the wheelbarrow and the lumps go back into the bin for a bit more cooking.

Today was moving the compost bin from its current position by the greenhouse and re-locating to the back of the plot.  There was another bay of half cooked compost, full of worms, to be moved.  I built one bay, then transferred the material giving it a really thorough turn in the process!  I was impressed at how much decomposition had taken place in less than 6 months.

The whole transfer took about three hours.  I’m satisfied that on the third attempt at building a three bay bin, I’ve finally achieved a sturdy and level(ish) finish.  It’s not moving any more!


Fruit cage construction next – oh wait, that’ll be after I’ve built the polytunnel doors.

I’m so ready for the building to stop and the growing to start!

Have a good week everyone.