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Eating the lovely harvests

IMG_2468I’ve mentioned that I enjoy the planning, working and growing more than the processing of the fruits of my hard work.

During the summer months, I’m perfectly happy eating lunch or dinner straight from the plant.  A perfectly formed strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or peach warmed by the sun and straight from plant to mouth is sublime.  To ensure I get a balanced diet, there are the peas; pod and sugar snaps, asparagus, tomatoes all absolutely delicious freshly picked and raw.  Let’s not forget how Billy loves to patrol the polytunnel for unsuspecting cucumbers and tomatoes.

However, 250 sq ft of growing space produces more than one woman and her labrador can manage, so I’ve developed and refined some plot recipes that over the years have become my go-to’s in times of glut.

I’ve created this page to share those recipes.  These all work and will put up with a bit of tweaking and substitution.

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