This week has been about the bathroom whilst waiting for building material to be delivered and the structural engineer to produce drawings and specifications for the steels.

The bathroom was stripped out in less than a day and first fix plumbing in at a pace. However, they forgot to consult the client (that’ll be me) about positioning of the wall mounted bath taps. Why would anyone not put them centrally over a double-ended bath? but the plumber did – note large T shape hole in the wall to the right. He moved them with good grace.

Here’s a before and where we are now shot of the bathroom – I’m thinking even now it’s an improvement!

It’s going to be a tight squeeze but I can get in a decent sized wetroom type shower on the right behind the door, where the bath was situated. The toilet will be next to the bath on the right and the vanity unit on the left. Both have slimline profiles, so there will be enough space to get in and out of the bath! The first fix electrics are also in. Again the electrician used his initiative and placed the isolator switch for the extractor fan dead centre about the door. It’s not really the feature I was looking for there, so that’s moved off to the right side wall and is much less obtrusive.

I was without hot water for three days this week, the plumbing here is truly gulag rated and there was an airlock – much harder to shift this time as there were no taps in the bathroom to blow the water back (or something) When I threatened to lock them in until hot water was restored (woman on the edge moment), they got busy with some new pipework and they were home in time for tea.

Blockwork is rising from the foundations, personally I don’t understand the logic of what they are doing, surely better to have sorted out the V drain thingy first but as I’m not a builder I’m leaving them to it. If building control is happy and I get a certificate of completion, then I’m happy.

There’s nothing more to be done in the bathroom until the steel goes in and the back of the house is once again stable, then they can crack on with plastering/bonding and tiling. Thank heaven for the loft shower room.

A curious thing about this building crew, they don’t drink tea. I’d bought in builder’s mugs and a catering pack of Yorkshire Tea but they prefer Red Bull. If wings keeps them working, I’ll keep it on tap!

And finally, to feel that my own small renovation project was moving forward, I removed the picture rail in the hall. I’m relieved the discover there is no wall paper to remove, just need the walls skimmed. I’m giving consideration to removing the doorframe architrave and skirting board too and have it all fresh and sharp.

More next week…