My Facebook feed reminded me that a year ago, plot 48 had just been mechanically dug and levelled by John and his trusty mini-digger.

IMG_1599I had a blank canvas to play with, albeit once I’d hand dug the  plot again to remove the evil roots of doom, more commonly known as couch grass and bindweed!

During the course of the past 12 months, a brick edged grass path has gone down the middle of plot, to create access and structure.

The polytunnel is now at the top of the plot and the greenhouse is just to the right of the wheelbarrow.  The compost bins are at the very back of the plot and the blueberry cage now occupies that space.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve managed to get so much done in a year, with a full time job. Let’s just say that the dust has found it own level in the house!

The plot looks like this now – the self sown grass path is slowly being replaced by turf and the lawn has been promised a mid week mow.  The lawn was a tactical decision on account of the ground being riddled with roots from the cherry tree – I’d forgotten my dislike of mowing grass, it’s up there with things like washing the car!


Today, I very nearly completed the last bit of digging – stalled as the ground has been so dry and concrete-like.  The sunflowers are being hardened off and will make a sunny hedge at the front of the plot.


In lots of ways, April has been a tough month so it’s great to start May on a positive note.  Sometimes, looking back to see how far we’ve come is all that’s needed. Happy dance!

happy dance