The plot is in full production mode and typcially I’m struggling to keep up. Even I was surprised with how much I harvested today.

The tomatoes have been amazing; Sungold is always a winner but I tried Totem as a minature which can be grown on window sills. I’ve two in the polytunnel in pots and given their size – about 40cm they have produced endless handfuls of cherry fruit since mid June and they keep getting better. Also in the shot are cuore di bue beefsteak tomatoes who have been helping me make fantastic tomato sauce.

The yellow courgettes are still great even at this size, although I do prefer them at finger size with pasta. I’ve discovered a lovely recipe for courgette lasagne, which is also a way to use the tomato sauce!

The calabrese decided to produce their first heads in July and are now in side-shoot mode. Lovely lightly boiled then refreshed in cold water for a salad with the sungold tomatoes, rocket and cucumber with some grilled halloumi.

The raspberries (Joan J) don’t know what they are doing. The heat and dry conditions produced small berries, then it cools down and rains and the fruit gets bigger – all tasty. Currently pureeing to go with vanilla ice-cream.

It has not been a happy year for cucumbers. Don’t know what’s different – in the polytunnel in usual place companion planted with marigolds and only now am I picking 4 or more fruits at a time. I’ve since grown two Carmen cucumbers in the other tunnel and they are doing very well – so I will have a glut after all 🙂

The pears – Merton Pride and Beth are always delicious and this year it seems the wasps agree. I’m mostly having to make do with the windfalls. I may have to resort to wasp traps next year.

It wouldn’t be a proper London Plot post without some reference to flowers. This is Rubekia Rustic dwarf mixed. The first time I’ve successfully germinated rubekia seeds and perennial too. The other flower in the header photo is Agastache Navajo Sunset grown from seed and will keep the rubekia company in the back garden.

How has your year been so far? Do share your highs and lows.