This wasn’t intentional and something I only noticed when I viewed my photos. All the reds, purples and greens grouped together.

I must have done this before, just not noticed or photographed. I pick all the tomatoes, then the cucumbers, then the brassicas – you see where this is going.

Co-mingling with the tomatoes is a Fiesta apple and ‘bugs got there first’ long red marconi sweet pepper.

Here are the tomatoes and peppers ready for a slow roast.

Remember how I’ve been complaining about the lack of cucumbers? Well, Carmen did her thing – all of these from two plants!

And in the (mostly) purple corner is red cabbage, kohl rabi – both destined to be coleslaw. Also curly kale and what is supposed to be purple sprouting brocolli.

I’m trying out fermentation and making red cabbage and beetroot saurkraut, using this recipe – I’ll let you know how that goes.

There are still three cabbages to be harvested – ideas other than braised or pickled please.