How is it already past midsummer? I think we should demand a recount! In the meantime, come and take a look around the polytunnel – we can still just about get in.

All is not well in the cucumber aisle. It’s about this time I start to leave cucumbers at my neighbours front door and run away but so far I’ve had four and Billy’s had two – certainly not enough for gin garnishes or sharing with the neigbourhood.

There is a definate failure to thrive – the cucumbers form then turn yellow and die. This has happened in the past, when it has been very hot and I’ve neglected regular watering but they have been watered every day and sometimes twice. I noticed these black bugs with white spots, I’ve squished those I could catch – they are speedy. Whatever this critter is, they’ve not been deterred by the marigolds or basil.

I’m using SB plant invigorator and a weekly seaweed feed and hoping that will perk them up. As a back up, I’ve sown more cucumbers – Carmen. Might get a crop before the winter.

In better news the tomatoes are moving into production. Billy is being consoled with the Sungold.

The peppers are all producing fruit, we have eaten a few padrons but I’m looking forward to the long red marconi and cherry bombs. The ants have been exceptionally untidy house guests year, excavating soil all over the paths. I’m still harvesting carrots – out of shot at the far end of this bed – really good size, shape and flavour but an absolute slug magnet.

In the opposite bed, I’m harvesting long red florence banana shallot as needed. So far, its been delicious caramelised, raw and lightly sauted. Definately better grown under cover.

At the other end of the main bed is another attempt at sweetcorn – nine plants this time. They are huge, already at the roof which is around 8ft. I thought an oversized plant label was fitting.

Jazzy the donated first early is close to 100 days and I’ll be firtling this week.

That was June in the polytunnel – how was the month for you? If anyone can identify the cucumber beastie, please let me know.

I do have two tunnels and I’ll try to remember for July’s round-up to give you a tour of that too.