It’s still blooms by the armful but I’m trying to make more restrained choices.

This waterlily dahlia Blanc y Verde is lovely, particularly when just fully open. I’ve matched it with an eryngium which the ladybirds have just finished cleaning up. I think one was still finishing her supper as I snipped the stems.

I had vase trouble with this arrangement. My usual cylinder vase restrained the dahlias, as if in a corset. I sat looking at it for a while, twitching stems before taking the whole lot out and rearraning in a shorter vase with a wide flared mouth. The dahlia stems are so thick they need little help to stand up and this vase gives everything a little more space. I’m telling myself the arrangement will look more event when the buds to the left open.

Come on over to Cathy’s garden to see her vase and others. Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme.