The last three weeks got stuck on fast forward and I missed the end of March.  Since lockdown my employer, an NHS Trust has implemented its business continuity plan meaning that as my day job was not COVID essential I’ve been redeployed – to manage the redeployment of admin staff.

I’m working from home and managing to get to the plot roughly every other evening.  I’m so grateful allotments are a ‘permitted’ activity.

Here’s a quick polytunnel update.

I positioned the broad beans by the door so the pollinators could find them – its seems to be working.


I have carrots growing.  I thwarted the mollusc munchers (mostly) by covering the seed bed with fleece and watering through it.


I harvested my first cauliflower yesterday.  I’m still amazed they grow so well in the tunnel.


I’m still cutting spinach and rocket – managed to get some succession planting organised and the lettuce (Morton’s secret mix from Real Seeds) is looking lush.

In the other side bed the peas are doing well and I have some seed trays with herbs.  The over-wintered dahlias had a growth spurt this week and I’ve taken cuttings from Blanc y Verd and Henriette – more may follow.

Stay safe everyone.