The biscuit and chocolate aisle have been largely ignored by the stock-pilers.  I can’t imagine why – I’d rather be in isolation with a stash of sweet treats than a cupboard full of toilet rolls, but each to their own.

It’s proving hard to not feel a little anxious.  Last weekend it was amusing to see people stripping dried goods off the shelves but this weekend to see a queue of people revving up empty trolleys waiting for the doors to open was frankly unsettling.  I didn’t completely join in with the madness but I did find myself thinking “well, get two of those just in case there’s none next week” and “what if I can’t get out to get fresh milk for tea and coffee, better get a carton of UHT”

These are strange times and likely to get even more so.  I’m hoping I can still do fairly normal things like walk Billy and visit the plot – they are both naturally self-isolating activities particularly when undertaken by an introvert!

I hope all of you are doing what you need to feel at ease in the current situation,  I’ll be back soon with more plot news, but I’ll need to finish off the chocolate first…

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