It’s much quieter here; very few aircraft overhead and the constant thrum from the nearby A road has gone.

I took time on Sunday to sit and enjoy the sounds that were always there but had to compete with so much human activity.  Yes, there were still power tools and trimmers growling and whizzing but mostly it was the sound of wind rustling leaves, birdsong and the buzzing of bees.

This is a time not to be wished for but there are certainly unexpected pleasures to be found for us lucky allotment folk.

The plot has mostly managed without me these last three weeks, apart from some speed watering and hoeing, and everything looks lovely.  It makes me realise that for all our imagined importance, we aren’t really needed.  Spring is doing her thing, to her timetable, with or without us.

The blossom is stunning; pears, apple (Fiesta has decided she likes plot 48 after all) and the much pruned cherry.



The raspberries, Summer Cascade and Joan J

I love rose foliage at this time of year, so fresh and full of promise


I almost missed the tulips, I was initially disappointed that most were not long-stemmed but it was just a case of finding the right vase.