For anyone who’s expecting to read a rant about the values of the youth of today actually, it’s about tulips and broad beans cross-pollinating.  Not with each other – imagine the result!

It’s the tulips getting flirty with each other; White bride and Negrita producing strips.  I may grow to like this ‘Whigrita’ but I want more white tulips.  I see bulb buying and planting in my autumn future, hopefully with less flirtatious varieties.

IMG_3413 (2)


Seriously, I’ve never seen this happen – anyone else?

The rest of the tulip bed are well behaved and keeping themselves to themselves.


At the other end of the spectrum are the broad beans in the polytunnel, they are growing beautifully and have a mass of flowers but not enough pollinators are getting in and beans aren’t forming.  I was very excited when two bumblebees fly in on Sunday but they were too wide of girth for the beans and went for the easy to access peach blossom.

Ho hum