Now I see I last posted about this 6 weeks ago, I have to say this has been slow progress. I didn’t help myself by deciding the carpet had to go, only to discover there were a zillion staples and nails to be removed, then sanding, the more staple removal, more sanding, filling, sanding… As you can see, the stairs are still rocking the shabby chic look.

A conservative estimate is that by the time the final coat of paint goes on, I will have gone up and down the stairs 12 times, and that’s not including the sweeping, wiping and dusting.

Just to make this process even more long-winded, I’ve decided to go full retro and wallpaper in between the panelling rather than more stiffkey blue – I’m worried it will be too dark.

My new favourite place to shop is Facebook marketplace. If you are patient, the thing you want will come along. I wanted wall-mounted Ikea Eket units for the hall but Ikea seems to be having a stock control crisis (they are even out of Billy bookcases!!) so I turned to marketplace and now I have a cupboard and open shelf – these are also being painted and wallpapered but you’ll have to wait for the big reveal…

The final coat of paint is going on tomorrow and then to the wallpapering. The last time I wallpapered, you pasted the paper, now you paste the wall. Theoretically, that seems easier and I guess I’ll find out in practice very soon.

And then for something I’ve never done before (but Pinterest makes it look easy) I’m going to install a stair runner. I’ve watched the video and I’ve got the staple gun – what could go wrong.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m in the garden too. Watch out for the new series “Gardening at the Gulag”.

Enjoy your weekend.