The tulips are supposed to be a mix of early and late but I guess they decided there’s safety in numbers and bloomed at the same time. Generally, this would fill me with joy and I’d cut armfuls to fill the house with spring colour but currently, surfaces keep moving back at the Gulag so the tulips are staying put on the plot.

There are benefits to not cutting, they have held their shape for more than a week. If they had been cut in a vase, they would be on their way to the compost bin.

I’ve been making visits to the plot twice per week – a quick dash during the week and a whole day at the weekend. The seedlings are doing OK in the greenhouse at present but I’ll need to call on my neighbours if there are sustained high temperatures, although the greenhouse thermometer tells me the temperature goes as high as 42c during the day but -2c at night.

I’ve been steadily bringing some order to the left-hand side of the plot as seen from the wendy shed. It’s good to see the peonies and roses getting ready for another year.