This is the second large vase at the new abode, currently known as the Gulag. The first was full of deliciously scented white Duchess Nemoirs peonies, which I shared in this post.

This vase is the first mixed vase of the year, is everyone else’s garden this far behind?

This is dahlia Furka with eryngium that has decided to be multi-headed this year bulked out with masses of alchemillia mollis and livened up with a single lily and a pair of salvia Amistad stems.

I really love this vintage teal vase, found in a local antique shop and haggled down in price. It fits with the era of the Gulag. This is where the fireplace will be – currently an ugly hole in the wall so best disguised with a chest of drawers!

I see Cathy is celebrating her success with zinnias with her Monday vase whereas mine are still considering survival as an option, sigh. Join the rest of the IAVOM team on Cathy’s page