Well Ok, a lot all at once. The difference a whole week of warm, sunny weather has made to the plants at the allotment is huge. Everything is bursting out.

This physocarpus was a 9cm plant three years and is obviously happy in the spot just outside the wendy shed

The pyerethrum were seedlings four years ago and this autumn I’ll divide them to make plants for the garden at the Gulag. The peonies are tantalisingly close to opening, juding by the number of buds on each plant, it’s going to be a very floriferous show.

This is a planting combination that only nature could arrange. Lime green euphorbia, red valerian and blue nigella; I’m going to give her full marks for design.

Rose Gertrude Jekyll is flaunting her first flush of blooms and the scent is marvellous. I love how the shape of the rose changes over time.

The dahlia field is mostly planted; the human is struggling in the afternoon heat to dig holes. I really must get the supports in by the weekend.

The bees are out in force, patrolling the rows for nectar and pollen. The summer raspberries appreciate the attention

and for some it seemed the afternoon sun was too much, so this one found a shady spot to hang out.