Just in time a mild spell…

It needed another 5 metres of bubblewrap to finish the job. As this wrap is UV stabilised and as used by Monty Don I hope to get more than 2.5 years of service from it. I keep the wrap up all year, which does shorten its life but it’s so useful in diffusing strong sunlight as well as keeping Jack Frost at bay.

The other benefit of the re-wrap is that the greenhouse had a thorough clean, sweep and tidy so at least I’ll start 2021 in an organised fashion but definately guarantee it won’t last!

Here are the over-wintering inhabitants. The hydrangea cuttings are looking rather yellow, I’ll re-pot them and give them a FFB feed to see if that perks them up.

Can you see the Castor Oil (Riccinus) plant bottom left by the watering can? It’s going into it’s second winter – I wanted to see if I could keep it going through the winter as it isn’t cold hardy in most parts of the UK.

The plastic box is my propagation unit, copied from The Propagator. It will hold 8 6cm square pots and maintains a good degree of humidity to keep the cuttings happy.

What garden or plot refurbishments are you carrying out this winter?