I’m going to be spending my week off between Christmas and New Year organising the house, emptying the loft and packing boxes ready for our move in February (fingers crossed) With all of that going on, I didn’t want the faff of taking down and packing away the Christmas tree but I didn’t want to be a complete grinch either. So since the scandi, pared down look is on trend……off I went in search of some suitable branches. I sprayed them grey and added bright mini baubles. I arranged them in a vase on the hearth with white pebbles, glass beads and a string of lights (more stuff to pack away) I was pleased with the result.

However, the boys and facebook followers were unimpressed (a tree after the needles have dropped etc). It will stay up for Christmas but will forever be known as the sad sticks of Christmas.

Does anyone else have an un-tree this year? Can’t just be me surely??