Is this really my first post since early September? There’s been a lot going on; I’m finally financially uncoupled and the house sale/move is proceeding (says in a hushed whisper with fingers crossed)

I first wrapped the greenhouse in 2017, using ordinary bubblewrap and at the end of last year the strain was showing. I finally gave up repairing it this summer and added a greenhouse clean and re-wrap to the to-do list.

I keep the bubblewrap up all year, I find it works well to diffuse the sunlight and I’m just too lazy to contemplate doing the job in reverse every year! The old bubblewrap lasted reasonably well but I wondered if there was something a bit more sustainable/long-lasting. My research uncovered tri-laminated UV stabilised bubblewrap for greenhouses – who knew! Apparently as used by Gardender’s World and if it’s good enough for Monty, it’s good enough for plot 48.

The next hurdle was discovering that tri-laminated UV stabilised bubblewrap was in short-supply but finally my order arrived this week. Sad to say, I under-estimated how much I would need so the greenhouse goes into this week half wrapped.

If you want to investigate the world of UV stabilised bubblewrap click here for Elixir Garden Supplies