The temperature in the polytunnel reached 49.5c yesterday but the summer residents all seem to enjoy the sultry atmosphere.

The rogue calabrese is producing more side shoots, but these are all decent size heads. I really need the space, but I’m curious to see how long it will keep on producing. Has anyone else experienced a perennial calabrese?

I’ve gone back to sweetcorn but only 9 plants, in place of the broad beans. This picture was taken last week and they have already doubled in size.

The tomatoes have had a phased planting; the beefsteaks – Rose de berne and Cour di Bue have been in about three weeks and already have tomatoes, followed by sungold, tigerella and new to me velocity in the foreground.

The cucumbers seemed to take a while to settle in but I’ve already harvested two fruits (don’t tell Billy). I seem to have a french marigold hedge…

The donated early seed potatoes are all through but still another 70 days to wait. Note the leaves of the calabrese ‘shrub’.

I’m growing shallots and long red florence onion in the tunnel for the first time – florence is doing very well.

I have three types of pepper this year: padron, long red marconi and cherry bomb. The carrots are amsterdam forcing and are now just the right finger size for snacking.

Here’s the final broad bean harvest with some peas and first of the carrots.