This year I have tuned back into propagating plants from cuttings and so far it’s going well.  I’ve also been more successful with autumn seed sowings for flower plants.  Join me for a short tour of the greenhouse.

Seedlings first.  Three major triumphs with flower seedlings 1.  I’ve finally figured out when to pinch out and now have nice, bushy little seedlings of antirrhinum, erigeron and dianthus. 2. I’m ridiculously pleased with myself for having grown french lavender and rosemary from seed, who also responded well to a bit of pinching-out.

The third triumph is getting succulents to germinate and grow into seedlings: Aeoniums, echeveria and aloe.  The echeveria is featured here and has taken three months to get to this stage.  I promise the soil isn’t as wet as it appears in this photo.

Echeveria seedlings

and the aeoniums and aloes, pricked out and growing along nicely.

Succulent seedlings

and now the cuttings.  I confess I’ve gone with the easy to root range first; penstemon salvia Amistad and verbena b.  These photos show the second round of penstemon and salvia – London Plot will be well-stocked next year!

and a first wave penstemon, now potted on.  It had some lovely shoots that needed shortening and those cuttings are now in gritty compost waiting to root.  Quite why I think I need 24 penstemons is another matter, but it’s quite addictive.

Penstemon cutting grown on

What have been your propagating successes this year?