I was reminded by Frogend dwellers post about this exhibition that I have yet to share my photos from an evening at Kew in September.

When I look at FD’s daylight photos, I realise what was lost by going in the evening – certainly the spotlighting was too bright for photography.

That said the exhibits were amazing and cleverly displayed to make the most of their setting.

My eldest came with me and brought all the photography gubbins.  Me?  I took my iPhone…

These orbs are amazing and arranged to suggest the solar system.  A bit of me was even more impressed by the expert raking that created the patterns in the gravel without a single footprint.  The bottom shot is the boys.

The moon wanted to get in on the action and at one point was directly above the pagoda, but there was a lot of faffing with settings to get the perfect shot.  The right-hand picture has been photo-shopped and I rather like the effect; reminds me of old lithograph type prints.

Then into the temperate house, which was very crowded and not tripod friendly, so we didn’t stay for long.

I found this slug nest lurching in the bushes – just imagine…

Then these fantastical triffid-like creatures


Back outside, we found the most perfect interpretation of a Kniphofia


I think the detail shots are impressive


Then to the lake and an amazing representation of the sun


and the detail (complete with spider web)