Five days ago, this was the size of my fist and a polite side dish for two.  Now it’s bigger than my head and could feed a family of four for a week.

This is what happens when you put things off – or in this case, a production line blockage.  There’s already one cauli in the fridge awaiting its destiny as curried steaks and no space for any more. But the last remaining cauli in the tunnel didn’t know this and kept on growing.  Another day and it would have been fit only for rabbit food.

This will keep me in cauliflower cheese and aloo gobi for a while.  Thanks to everyone who offered recipe ideas.

The seedlings for autumn/winter brassicas are in the greenhouse and still smaller than my little finger, but have the capacity to grow to this size.  Even after all this time sowing and growing, I’m still amazed by that.

And now for the cheesy bit…


There’s more of Godzilla in the freezer too.