I wanted to share with you some photos from the herbaceous border at the plot.  I’ve grown most of the plants from seed or tiny plug plants from Thompson and Morgan’s annual giveaway.

I’m very pleased with the pyrethrum.  They have taken two years from seed to get to this stage.  They were almost chomped to extinction last year by the evil mollusc but this year have returned as huge clumps that would give the average slug indigestion.  I’ve cut come of the magenta blooms and arranged with lime green euphorbia oblongata; it’s certainly a striking combination that may cause retina burn if stared at for too long…

The lavender (it’s either Hidcote or Munstead) are full of lush growth and buds ready to burst open.


These self-sown sweet peas are early to flower and makes me wonder if we coddle our seeds a bit too much.


These are the first jam jar posies of the year.  Top right is a lovely aquilegia, also self-sown.  The red valerian has had a growth spurt and looks amazing.


This is the border about this time last year.


Flighty’s plot also has some lovely flowers.