This is the month when there is turbo growth in the polytunnel.  Last weekend I gave in to impatience and planted the beefsteak tomatoes in the pots: Cuore di Buo, Black Krim and Rose de Berne.


Yesterday I noticed flowers!  You’ll note I’m still having difficulty deciding which area to focus on – honestly, this is a life issue but apologies for the blur.


I’ve All Year Round cauliflowers in the tunnel, they went in as seedlings back in November and now one is at this stage.  I’m hoping there might be at least a few days between harvesting each head…


And finally, the dahlia Cafe au Lait has bucked up her ideas and is putting on some growth.  Still behind the pack, but I’m happy with progress.


In other news, outside of the tunnel the asparagus and PSB is doing well.  I’m at the stage with the PSB where I want it to be done so I can prep the area for the dahlia jungle. (please take note Madame cafe au lait)

What are you most pleased with so far?