In addition to the bank holidays, I took an extra day either side.  It was perfect weather for plotting and that’s where I spent most of my time.

In between weeding, potting on and a BBQ or two, I managed to build the polytunnel reclaimed from Park Road.  I’m not entirely certain what I’ll use it for; it may become London Plot HQ.

This is the third polytunnel build and I still need to read the instructions and re-do things two or three times but here’s the frame.  I used screw-in foundation tubes – I totally recommend them over digging 2-foot pits for the anchor plates and tubes.  I had to shorten the middle section to fit the available space.


I also moved (with help) the purple potting shed to make space for the tunnel and it’s created a very sheltered seating area as a bonus.


Just need to find a new spot for the rubbish aka stuff that might be useful…