Peas in the polytunnel were very successful last year and this year’s seedlings are growing well, despite being nibbled by an uninvited bean weevil type.

This weekend, I sowed enough sugar snap peas for a 3m row and thought some of you might find the process useful.

I don’t sow direct on account of the gourmet ninja mice that live on the plot and pre-shooting them is a pain.  I’ve tried guttering, which works well but I was never able to persuade the pea shoots and compost to leave the guttering all at the same time.  Now I use these modules – a more manageable version of guttering.


I add a double row of pea seeds, completely ignoring spacing advice. I leave enough space at the top of the module to add a decent layer of compost otherwise I find the root tends to push itself out of the compost.


Ten modules on a soaker tray and hopefully ready to plant out at the end of April.