In spite of the Beast from the East, the plot is shaking off its winter grey and turning several shades of fresh green.

My blog record from last year tells me that at the end of March 2017, the tulips were already in bloom.  I think we have a few weeks to go yet…


The alchemillia mollis was looking very sad and a bit dead last week but there are promising green shoots.


The All Gold raspberries seem to have trouble keeping to a straight line.  Detention for them!


The euphorbia is positively on fire.


The newly extended and planted flower bed is doing well too.  Molly’s penstemon, pink geranium, geum and foxglove all getting ready.

and these Pyrethrum grown from seed and over wintered are doing well.  They are now on the outdoor bench for a spot of hardening off.

How would you rate Spring’s progress where you are.  Early, late or the same as usual?