It’s been a month since my last ‘six’ round-up; there aren’t enough new happenings on the postage stamp for more regular updates.  Anyhow, what’s been growing since your last visit?

  1. Climbers.  What the garden lacks in ground level growing space is made up by vertical growing opportunities.  The wisteria is on the south facing back wall and climbing roses on both side fences with clematis twining through and climbing up obelisks.IMG_0818

2. Control and restraint – I quite like a slightly overgrown, jungly feel to the garden but since it’s a multi-use space I need to keep the secateurs on stand-by, particularly at this time of the year when the wisteria makes its annual bid for domination.


3. Cordyline – This was planted about 15 years ago as a polite one litre pot and at the time I had no idea it would turn into a huge palm tree!  The small bird population and bees love the flowers and seeds, which is the main reason it’s still in the garden.  It is now too tall for me or anyone else in the house to safely reach the branches to remove the dead leaves and flower stems, so there is a steady litter of dead cordyline leaves all over the garden and next door too.

4. Pot progress – These have come on well in the last month.  Lobelia might be a bit retro but it’s a great value filler.  The mollusc munchers have decimated the verbenas, so I need to rethink the planting, possibly more lobelia!

5.  Agapanthus – This came from Woolworths as a bulb maybe 20 years ago.  It has lived in the same pot ever since.  I know I should lift and divide but since the pot is an ‘alibaba’ shape, I’d have to smash the pot – so I’ll just carry on adding a bit of surface compost and regular feeds during the summer.  It seems happy with the arrangement.


6. Acanthus – is the only thing to grow happily in the shady corner.  I really like the structural form and height it brings.  I’m considering putting another in the same place in the opposite border for symmetry – well, that’s my excuse!

Thanks goes to The Propagator for hosting this meme