I grow a lot of flowers at the plot.  These seem to be more appreciated at home and I enjoy growing them.  As well as growing for the vase, there are marigolds and nasturtiums as companion planting and then there are the self-sown survivors; mostly borage, californian poppy and evening primrose.  The primrose was a small plant last year and my plot neighbour did warn me it was a thug.  It’s a metre tall and would take over the path but for me cutting out entire branches, which isn’t slowing it down at all.

However, while I was at the plot this evening, the flowers opened.  I’ve never seen this before; at 6pm they were tight buds and by 8.30 pm they were fully opened flowers with a powerful spicy lemon-like fragrance.  It can stay but I’ll find somewhere it can spread out.


The roses are amazing, particularly considering it’s their first year.  New to me is White Perfumella – the clue is in the name and it’s fabulous.