I’d been pondering the idea of taking a stall at a farmer’s market for a while.  I’ll confess that it was a romantic, rose-tinted view of market trading; all shabby chic and lovely flowers.

The action side of my brain got wind of this day-dreaming and decided to do something about it.  I’m now good for £5m in public liability damages whilst trading and I’ve made friends with the people who run Brentford Market – a very select group of seven stalls and yesterday, I made it eight.


Once I was set-up, it was great fun.  I had ten jam jar posies, which sold in the first two hours.  The ready to go tubs were popular and I sold around half the tomato plants.  A profit of £120, so not bad.  Maybe something to consider as a fortnightly or monthly activity during the summer.


I have a natural tendency towards agile planning, which is really just a euphemism for leave it all till the last minute, then write a list and work through it without a break!  I’m not sure I’ll ever do it any differently, but there a few things that will make preparations a little less intense: do the jar primping during the week or in batches over time, think about the stock and prep tubs a week or two in advance, subject to space. Next time around, I’ll have more flowers to fill more jars (although I do need more jars!)  Seems ready made posies is the way to go.