The dark magenta rose is Lady Mitchell and very prone to rain damage where the outer leaves fuse together and the bloom just rots away. I took action on Sunday afternoon – (it had been dry all day but chilly and overcast) and cut all the stems that looked as if they would open in a vase.

I also cut the last of the Sarah Bernhardt peonies and the first of Francoise Ortegat peonies along with some of the nigella and alchemilla mollis.

I organised the stems into long and medium. The longer stems made up the green jug arrangement and the others into the glass vase. This jug is intended for the living room, against the chimney breast, which means there is a back and a front view. I’d love to leave a huge arrangement on the kitchen island but I can see that ending badly…

The rest of the roses and the fillers went into a glass vase, destined for the kitchen table. I scrutinised the arrangement as I ate my breakfast this morning, it has a back and front but its setting is better suited to a more even form – something to remember for the next vase.

I’m so grateful I have the space to grow flowers just to cut and bring huge armfuls into the house

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