It’s still cold out there but at least in the Gulag, hot water and heating has been restored. In order to restore my sanity, I’ve been making regular escapes to the plot.

I’m pleased how much there has been to harvest given my total lack of preparation last autumn. The purple sprouting brocolli has pretty much finished, I think this was the last picking. The asparagus is really hitting it’s stride and the cool weather means it isn’t growing a foot a day – a good thing when the plot is a car drive away. This is the third picking from a row of 10 crowns.

The rhuburb is ‘Fulton’s strawberry surprise’ I have three crowns and rotate which one gets forced and then it has a two year rest. I make rhubarb compote with ginger and orange – yummy with yoghurt and granola. This variety keeps it’s pink colour and looks very pretty in the jar.

Overall, not a bad haul.

What are you harvesting this week?