This underpinning for this wreath is a coathanger wrapped in hessian and strengthened with a few whippy willow branches. There’s a foundation layer of yew branches and then I made bunches of foliage: holly, ivy and laurel. I’ve added a few viburnum flowers with taped stems but I don’t know how long they will last.

I foraged the foliage locally from the allotment boundary hedges and the local park. I got a few odd looks from the dog-walkers as generally the hedge trimming is a much noisier affair!

In preparation, I’d oven-dried orange slices and spray painted some saved seeds heads but in the end went with a more natural look. I might tweak it next week. What do you think – would you?

I made another for my neighbour. I loved her reaction – it made my day.

As this will be our last Christmas at this house, here’s the long shot.