Is my new mantra, although I do still do a bit of hoeing and a little light dibbling with a hand fork but the spade is pretty much redundant.

I’m on London clay but three years of consistent surface mulching has made an appreciable difference to how the soil responded to the recent heavy rains.  Yes, the ground is wet but springy rather than soggy.

I spent the last two weekends mulching the beds – take a look…

I’ve only recently learnt that raspberries are acid lovers and prefer ericaceous soil, so they get a top dressing.

The rose and flower beds were weeded, I left the nigella as self-sown seem to be the only variety that will grow for me!

The asparagus bed has a deep mulch of WRM.  It’s 2020, which means a full harvest (om, nom, nom)


The pear tree bed has been neglected mulch-wise, no particular reason but it was very noticeable from the condition of the soil – rain-splattered clay.  Looks happier now. The crocosmia moved in by itself.