The boy wandered around the site with camera in hand and has captured an eclectic mix of shots that convey the diversity of folk, their interests and how they garden.

Does anyone else look at that broken down van and think it could be made-over into a fab ‘shed’.  There is a token attempt at growing behind the van, but mostly this is a scrap metal business but with many other plotters doing deals for all manner of useful bits and bobs.

Anyone remember Toy Story?  This could be grown-up Sid’s allotment…Actually, the plotter is lovely, just has a wicked sense of humour.


A different kind of deterrent to keep the magpies and pigeons at bay.


This is the final resting place for all those garden nic-naks


Recycling and repurposing at its finest


Be back in a bit…


Love this.  Who would have thought to give their shed the camo treatment?  But then what else do you do with young teenagers during the summer holidays…


A more traditional allotment shed look

Our community wildlife garden.  The hotel is still under construction.

Wouldn’t be an allotment without chickens.


Then this grand-looking chap – clearly knows how to pose.

That’s us, how does it compare to your site or area?