I’m convinced the collective strawberry harvest for 2018 was the best on record, yet my strawberry bed failed to produce and the berries that did form looked perfect on the outside but soft and brown on the inside.  A search on the RHS site and Ken Muir hasn’t given a conclusive diagnosis.  Any ideas?


The only thing was to start again with fresh stock in a new bed.  There are no vacant beds, so this meant swapping the flower bed for strawberries.

It was hard work; lots of transplanting and dividing.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the gladioli bulbils I’d planted two years ago are now big fat bulbs. No photos, but I settled them on a bed of grit about 4 inches down.  I also took the time to organise some grid support for the gaura, scabious and gladioli rather than trying to rig something at the stage they are flopping everywhere.

new flowerbed3

I’ve transplanted the box and added the baby cuttings from Park Road that have been in pots for a year – they’ll soon catch up!

The soil in the former flower bed is much lighter, it is a raised bed as I’ve filled it to the height of the wood surround and I hope the strawberries will appreciate that.  I also added some MPC and manure.

I’ve chosen Elsanta; it’s a bomb-proof commercial variety but totally delicious when left to fully ripen and not refrigerated into submission.

elsanta bed

I find it hard to believe these will be fruiting by June – fingers crossed though.

Tomorrow, I’ll be practising not saying ‘ooof’ as my aching muscles protest when I sit or move…