The title isn’t strictly true, I’ve been harvesting purple sprouting broccoli since March and although it’s been delicious there’s something about the first strawberry that makes me forget all about the PSB.

These are in the polytunnel, in the troughs that replaced the plastic milk bottle holders that didn’t work at all.  Sometimes simple and straightforward is the way to go.  I think these are Marshmello. Whatever variety, there are plenty more to follow on…


I also harvested the peas from the polytunnel.  This year I used a ‘proper’ early pea – Douce Provence and I’m a little disappointed with the quantity and quality of flavour.  I think I’ll stick with Kelvedon Wonder and Hurst Greenshaft in future.  I have high hopes for the sugar snap ‘Sugar Ann’ that is growing outside.


And finally, I couldn’t resist a comparison between this week and last.  I did manage to cut the grass today before the heavens opened.

I spent a few hours between tunnel and greenhouse while the rain came down.  I noticed the asparagus covered in slugs;  I removed all of them – with my BARE hands.  I think that moves me up an allotmenteer level, although I was squealing ewww and urgh whilst dropping the slimy munchers into a bucket of water.

What’s kept you busy on your plot this weekend?