Which is just as well, otherwise Monday would have been a day of housework.  As it was, I had three hours of pottering, seed sowing and dahlia lifting to keep me occupied; then I came home to re-assemble the oven that son had cleaned!

The polytunnel is slowing waking up.


My plan for abundant over-wintered crops didn’t come about, mostly because the autumn went past on fast forward and no sowing happened.  Fingers crossed for this year.

I sowed two rows of beetroot and two of lettuce and then new to me, three rows of agretti – apparently a bit of a foodie trend a few years ago.


Although I didn’t get my autumn sowing act together, I did manage to get some seeds in just before Christmas in one of those ‘hope before common sense’ moments but fortunately, the seeds were feeling hopeful too.  There’s choy sum, pak choi and winter lettuce.

But the hungry gap basket award (I just made that up) has to go to Ruth over at Heurto.  Fabulous produce.