This time last year, the tunnel was still under construction.  This year, I’ve no excuses to not utilise it.  I missed the autumn planting window, so I’ve been keen to catch-up.  These were sown at the very end of December and germinated within a week under a sheet of bubble wrap.  I’ve upgraded them to a light fleece cover now.

I’ve chosen varieties that are happy with winter conditions – cold and low light but I admit to being surprised they have sprouted so quickly.  These are intended as baby leaves – I’m not sure how choy sum and pak choi will respond to that but experimentation (aka not doing your research) is part of the fun.

Typically the grass seed in the compost decided to germinate at the same time as the veg, even though I gave it a couple of weeks before seeding it.  Tweezering out individual grass blades could be regarded as the ultimate mindfulness activity; maybe I should sell tickets – any takers? 😉

Other polytunnel news, involving the broad beans certainly upset the mindfulness vibe.

You may think that those soil holes have been specially prepared for the bean seeds; sadly no.  This is the evidence that the ninja mice have followed me from Park Road and have carefully lifted and devoured every bean seed.  My neighbour’s tunnel beans are at least 6″ tall and looking very pleased with themselves.

Not to be defeated (yet) I’m re-sowing in the pots in the greenhouse – the ninja’s have yet to figure out how to open the door – but give them time…