These photographs were taken last weekend when the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

Last weekend was all about clearing, lifting and mulching so it was good to see some herbaceous plants still going strong.

I call this white penstemon ‘Molly’, after the neighbour who first gave me a cutting.


This is hydrangea ‘Rock Chick’.  It was billed as being a mix of purple and green flowers, which hasn’t been evident this year but maybe it’ll do better once it’s out of the pot.  I like the way the petals here are starting to fade and decay.


This hydrangea is ‘Limelight’, or it will be once it’s grown up and been moved into the flower bed.  I have high hopes for her next year.

A small patch of rubeckia ‘Goldsturm’, the first time I’ve managed to grow these from seeds.  It’s a small patch as the molluscs munched all but two of the row I planted out.

And finally a moody shoot from the perspective of a fox or similar.