As this is their first year, I hadn’t expected a huge harvest from the strawberry beds in either the polytunnel or outside.  I was mostly correct but Malwina, albeit sold as a ‘late’ strawberry has produced the most fabulous huge dark red and juicy fruits and at a rate that justifies taking a bowl to collect them rather eating them at the plot.  The raspberries are still at the ‘eat at plot’ stage of production but I think that may change in a few weeks.

Lettuce production has moved out of the polytunnel and these are the last two plants to be cut.  The space is now planted with dahlias and late chrysanthemum (Green Mist)

The cucumbers have gone into overdrive; I picked four on Saturday, three tonight and several more will be ready tomorrow or Tuesday.  The variety is Delistar, light green with a very thin skin.


Just as I was leaving, I check the climbing french beans Cobra in the tunnel and discovered that I had a small harvest of french beans too!

And finally there are cherries!  I thought that as usual, between the wind, birds and squirrels there wouldn’t be any left for me.  I think the severe top prune has encouraged it to fruit lower down (really it had no choice) More accessible for me and too close to the ground for furry and feathered fiends.  Fat, juicy, sweet cherries. Nom 🙂


What harvests are you particularly pleased with or surprised by?