Yes, another tale from the polytunnel.  I keep saying it, but these plants are amazing.  I’ve never grown sweetcorn this tall or with this many ‘ears’ but then I’ve never grown it undercover before.


As well as being surprised/astonished by the size of the plants, I’ve noticed an gorgeous jasmine-like fragrance wafting around the tunnel and catching wafts of it as I walk past the open doors.  I had no idea that sweetcorn blossom was fragrant – something else I’ve missed by growing it in the open.


The variety is Swift and it has most certainly lived up to its name.  The plants have received no special feed, just a deep watering once a week and a good shake of the stems to help move the pollen about – tricky for a hay fever sufferer!  Oh and, they are also planted in a hugel bed.

Hugel beds undercover is clearly a winning combination 🙂