I haven’t grown peas at the allotment for a few years but the polytunnel offered an opportunity to get in a early crop.

I sowed Hurst Greenshaft.  It’s a main crop, so perhaps not ideal for an early polytunnel crop but it’s what was in the seed box.

IMG_0800 (2)

I’ve been processing peas for two weeks now, about 4lb have gone into the freezer but I’ve plans for a fresh pea and bean risotto tomorrow.  There’s probably another 2lb to pick before the plants are done.  Considering that was from a 5ft double row, it’s an impressive harvest.  All I’ve done is water them regularly but they are planted in a hugel bed, which is the thing that must have made the difference.


I’ve had helpers with the processing; the 19 yo who thought is all very novel and rustic and Billy the Labrador who made sure all stray peas were retrieved!

Later that evening, son asked if I’d use some of those fresh young peas to make mushy peas to go with the cod and chips.  He has seven generations of London flowing through his veins and he wants mushy peas!  I explained that HGS were the ‘wrong’ sort of peas and now he wants me to grow some marrowfat types (sob)