It has to be said that I’m a better grower than I am cook – mostly because I try to fit in both activities in the same day.

My favourite summer dish that doesn’t involve salad is risotto and it seemed an obvious way to use the peas.  My recent risottos have been edible but not photogenic, I now realise because I’ve been using vegetable stock that turns the liquid brown.  Today, I softened onions and garlic with a good spoonful of dried herbs, then added a generous slug of white wine.  After that, I just added hot water to the mix with a squeeze of lemon, a handful of chopped mint and spoonful of creme fraiche at the end.  Much more photogenic and tasty.

Even though I added a bit of gammon – the boy’s favourite, he’s not convinced peas should be the main course!

In case you’re wondering, the rose is Louise Odier – rescued from a windy plot and doing a great job bringing fragrance to the patio.