For those of you who like a middle and end to your stories, here’s the middle of what may turn out to be the great BB saga.

Earlier this year, I bought a bulk bag of mushroom compost for £30.  Bargain, I thought and spread it deeply and liberally.  A few days later I planted out broad beans and a few weeks after that they started to die.  Not one to be disheartened or defeated, I lifted the plants most likely to survive and potted them in multi-purpose compost in bottomless pots – except for the stunted one you see in the picture above.

Those in the pots are now doing what any self respecting broad bean plant does at this time of year; produces pods (albeit it in small numbers, which makes them the most expensive BB, pod for pod this side of Fortnum & Mason’s!)

There was a black fly attack but the plants seem to have withstood that and it seems the wind has shaken the blighters off…

Happy plants then.  But what about the stunted one I left in the soil from the original batch; it’s surviving but not thriving.  And then there’s the seeds I sowed direct about 6 weeks ago – at this stage they look very healthy and normal.

Strange stuff this soil…

BB seedlings sown direct