This was the image I posted two weeks ago; a series of beds with different mulches and an area of cardboard and compost mulch, which I declared to be my great no-dig experiment.


I arrived at the plot last Wednesday to discover that Mr Fox and possibly his entire extended family had dug up and chewed the cardboard.  Quite what they found so irresistible about these former cardboard boxes is a mystery.   I wonder if Charles Dowding has these problems?


I’m still sulking about my now ruined no-dig experiment and haven’t cleared away the mess, so the digging continues.  I don’t really know how best to manage this problem; yes, I can clear up but how to discourage the Reynard troop from further incursions?  Do I have to spend the night hiding in the Wendy shed with a high-powered water pistol??

I’m told this is where being an agile planner aka making it up as you go along, is very useful.  The great no-dig experiment will be renamed the great mulch experiment.  Stand by for further updates.