Remember last time it rained and rained on my days off? I got busy with chicken wire and wooden knobs…

This time, I turned my attention to purple shed’s interior, which really did need some attention.  My plan for the shed was to turn it into a small but functional potting shed, for the times when the greenhouse is too hot or the outside too wet or windy.

It’s only 6×4, so I gave the interior a coat of white emulsion.  I’ve discovered that wallpaper applied with PVA glue is a good way to seal gaps and cracks and makes the beastie roosts easier to spot.  I don’t mind sharing my space, but I like to know where they are!

This paper was surely designed for a potting shed – where else would you use it?

IMG_0379 (2)

I found some laminate flooring on special, which worked well covering up the oil spots left by the strimmer.


I made the potting bench from wood left over from the polytunnel and painted the bench and shelves in off-white – I know nil point for practicality!


I would like to use the shed to store root crops and apples, hence the crates and wooden boxes.

It’s a bit of a tight squeeze.  I think I might add more shelves, to hold pots and trays rather than the free-standing unit to the left. I need to bring in the various bins used to store the compost, sand, grit etc these will go under the bench.  Hopefully, there will still be room for me!