I love March, especially when the sun shines and I have a free week!  I also love this month for the way everything springs into life at the first hint of a little warmth.

The transplanted roses and fruit trees are putting out healthy shoots and blossom, the new raspberries are throwing up new shoots.  The transplanted rhubarb is happy with its new accommodation and the strawberries are a happy shade of green, in fact they are greener than Pantone’s greenery.

Today was all about preparation: the asparagus is due to arrive around the 1st April so I spent an hour or so getting the bed ready.  It’s a long term project, worth the extra effort.  Asparagus likes well drained soil, so heavy London clay isn’t ideal!  I added a bag of grit and a bag of sharp sand, a couple of barrows of mushroom compost and a generous sprinkle of bonemeal and mixed thoroughly with my laydee tiller.  The ridge is ready and waiting Kent Asparagus Farm

asparagus bed

And finally, the first plot vase of the year – a Passionale tulip, wallflowers and narcissi